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Erectile Dysfunction and Masturbation
7 min
Masturbation and erectile dysfunction (ED) are complicated issues in human sexuality that can cause confusion and speculation. While masturbation is a normal sexual expression, ED...
Psoas Muscle and ED
4 min
Some medicine circles postulate a possible connection between the psoas muscle and erectile dysfunction (ED), with the theory being that tension or dysfunction in the...
14 Ways to Last Longer In Bed
7 min
The ability to prolong sexual encounters is essential for a satisfying relationship and enhancing your sex life. Fortunately, staying longer in bed is a skill...
Dotted Condoms
3 min
Dotted condoms are a type of condom that have small dots or bumps raised on the surface. These dots are strategically distributed to enhance sexual...
premature ejaculation prevention
6 min
Talking about premature ejaculation is no longer a taboo topic. From psychological factors to physiological influences, we navigate the intricacies surrounding premature ejaculation, providing insights...
Water Vs Oil Based Lube
6 min
Water-based and oil-based lubricants are two common types of personal lubricants used to reduce friction during sexual activity or to enhance comfort during intimate experiences....
Delay Spray Side Effects
8 min
One of the common problems for men is premature ejaculation, which affects one in three men at some time in their life. Even if some...
Men Drink Last Longer
18 min
Premature ejaculation is a common sexual condition that many men go through. From low self-esteem to relationship issues, this sexual condition can be the main...
ED Treatments Options
5 min
Erectile dysfunction is among the most frustrating sexual-related conditions for men, especially those above the age of 40. It can even affect much younger men,...
Men Erectile Dysfunction
6 min
Asking any man about the health condition that concerns him the most, the answer will most likely be, erectile dysfunction. Now, sexual health in general...
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