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Coconut Oil in Men's Hair
7 min
Coconut oil has long been known for its many benefits in hair care and is frequently recommended as a natural solution for a range of...
hair transplant after care
7 min
Whether you’ve just undergone the hair transplant procedure or are considering it, you should know that post-operative care plays a pivotal role in achieving optimal...
Smoking Shisha Hair Loss
6 min
Shisha smoking, also known as hookah, waterpipe, or narghile smoking, is a centuries-old tobacco-consuming custom that started in the Middle East and South Asia. It...
UAE Water Hair Loss Impact
5 min
If you notice changes in your hair, the water you use may be the reason. Regardless of the type of water, prolonged shower time can...
Bamboo Supplement For Hair Growth
10 min
Many people are turning to nature's hidden bounty in an attempt to get beautiful, vibrant hair. Among them is bamboo extract, which is becoming more...
Men Keratin Hair
10 min
Keratin treatment for men has emerged as an effective tool to restore the strength, shine, and vibrancy of their hair. The well-known aspect of keratin...
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